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About this class

Begin a journey of self discovery, growth and personal development to become the best version of yourself by joining our 4 day intense introduction to Evolutionary Coach Training Program.

This groundbreaking program was designed to provide an introduction to Evolutionary Coaching for inspired individuals seeking a new purpose or looking to further their personal and professional development. 

By joining this program you will start to build foundational coaching skills and learn how our full training programs give you the tools to quickly build and dynamically evolve these skills into a transformational space – a space where you and those around you evolve, shift and transform for the better.

Prerequisite: An interest in starting on a coach training journey and desire to grow!

Who is the introduction program for?

Does this sound like you?

You want to start and learn more about the coach training journey

You are working in business and would like to effectively lead and manage using coaching methodology.

You are interested in enrolling in a full coach training program

You want to communicate more effectively with others and gain more control of your life

You are interested in your own personal development

You are looking into coach training as an alternative career 

You are looking to find your true purpose

You want to challenge yourself, learn deeply and laugh a lot!

By the end of the program you'll have:


That coach training is the right path for your future


On coach training programs, what’s involved and the benefits for you personally and professionally.

Better Relationships and Personal Growth

By starting on a journey to deepen your relationship with yourself and others through your own personal development.

Flexibilty and Freedom

Discover the potential for a new way to work, live and create. How you can live a life with more freedom and flexibility than ever before. 

Why choose TNM Coaching Academy?

TNM Coaching Academy is the dream of a deeply committed team of coaches that offer world-class coach training programs through the Evolutionary Coach Training Approach. 

With over 30 years of experience coaching ICF accredited programs, TNM has already trained 1000s of coaches worldwide. 

The TNM Academy offers the world’s first Evolutionary Approach to Coach Training with programs including Introduction to Coach Training and full Evolutionary Coach Training Programs at Foundation, Advanced and Master coaching levels.

What you'll learn

Foundation Program Module ESSENCE:
  • What Is Coaching?
  • What Is Evolutionary Coaching?
  • Introduction to ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Coaching Presence: Being a Coach vs. Doing Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills: Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Relating and Direct Communication
  • Coaching Mindset: Creating awareness, Creating Balance and Generating picture of success
  • Coaching Models: 5S Coaching and GROW Model
  • Coaching Process: Establishing the Coaching Agreement, Decision making and Powerful Ways Forward
  • Personal evolution for coaches: Introduction to Core Stability

Learning outcomes

The Standards & Ethics of a Professional Coach

What professional coaching is and the distinctions between coaching and other professional roles

How to coach anyone using coaching toolbox of coaching models, skills and competences

A comprehensive understanding of the ICF’s 8 Core Coaching Competencies and how to use them in coaching

A comprehensive understanding of the 4 Core Evolutionary Coaching Principle and how to apply them in coaching

A comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of coaching process

How to consciously design your coaching  life, using our Core Stability toolkit

How to start practicing as a coach in life and business

How to introduce and start practicing  coaching in your corporate workplace

How a one-to-one coaching session has the power to shift a life and change the world

Meet your hosts

Zoran Todorovic

Zoran completed his coach training at Coach University where he served as a Senior Trainer and Mentor coach. He created the Evolutionary Coaching Institute, an extraordinary community and digital university where he works as a Senior Trainer and Mentor Coach. As a TNM Coaching Academy Trainer and Mentor, he brings 20 years of coach training and mentoring experience, and has trained thousands of coaches globally.

Lisa Wynn

A Master Certified Coach for 15 years, a Certified Wealth Creation Coach and the author of "Foundations of Mastery in the Coaching", Lisa has taught coaching to people from all walks of life and from all over the world. She has been an ICF assessor for almost 20 years and has taught coaching on 4 continents.

Vivienne Ladommatou

Vivienne brings three decades of experience as a leader and mentor to coaching. She has coached thousands of high achievers in some of the world’s leading corporations and organizations.  Vivienne began her career as an award-winning broadcast journalist and documentary maker, and worked her way up the ranks to executive board member. An ICF credentialed graduate coach, Vivienne works with people and organizations to make the world a better, kinder and happier place.

Shaun Young

Shaun is a qualified Integral Coach with 25 years of experience as a specialist in behavioral change. He has coached and mentored thousands of individuals, leaders, and teams through turbulent times. He has also authored and co-authored many successful personal-development, leadership, and coaching programs. All of his work is psychologically informed and is designed to tap into people’s personal strengths and wisdom and to grow emotional intelligence, resilience and agility

Quality assurance

TNM Coaching in affiliation with Corporate Potential have developed this program. This Coaching program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and participants who graduate from this program will be able to apply for credentialing with the ICF.  Your virtual workshops will be run by experienced coach trainers who hold an advanced ICF credential and all mentoring will be done by trained, credentialed Coach Mentors.

TNM Coaching Academy has trained 1000s of new coaches

Our Evolutionary Coach Training Programs are certified with the ICF

What some of our students are saying

“TNM Coaching Academy basically changed my life! When I started my journey with TNM I wasn’t fulfilled at all in my personal and professional life. I was depressed and had a very low self-esteem. I absolutely loved this training journey as it allowed me to continuously grow, work on my strengths and expand my knowledge at my own speed. I learned to fulfil my needs and set up my boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome challenges that are coming my way.” 

“This programme has taken my coaching to another level. I liked the fact that you keep re-inforcing with the practice sessions in order to link the different stages together. Ultimately it has helped me to be more structured and helped me measure the impact of coaching better.”

“I chose the TNM Evolutionary Coaching program after investigating many options. It turned out to be a great choice as I completed my program well within the prescribed time frame and have now added the set of skills I obtained to my existing business with great results. The academy support services were always there to give me encouragement and advice when I needed it. Thank you to the staff at the TNM.” 

“I am very thankful and appreciative of the support and guidance of the faculty of TNM Coaching Academy. Completing the course has been a major step in my career goals and I feel very empowered and confident with all the knowledge and strategies that I feel I have gained through my experience with the TNM. The course not only has helped me assist my clients more effectively but it has also given me some great tools to aid in my own personal development.”

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